We are very proud of our 100% made in Canada product. Each drum is unique; made by hand, one at a time, thereby becoming a work of art that can be personalized just for you. We use only goatskin which offers an exceptionally high quality of sound. Each skin is meticulously chosen, soaked, stretched and installed on the body of the drum. This is all done by hand.

Click on our "Manufacturing" section and see for yourself each step our artisans take in the creation of a drum and their passion for this instrument. Ready to be played, Bourema djembés are more than just a percussion instrument that offers traditional African music. They are unique works of art made with passion, experience and above all a sense of perfection.

Light, Bouréma djembés are made from 32 slats of white Quebec pine (select quality) which have been air-dried a minimum of three years guaranteeing an exceptional quality. Painted and varnished by hand, each drum is unique whether in the cut of the design, its colours, but most of all its sound. All our djembés have a crown of goat hair on the edges to protect the player's hands. As well, our djembés carry a lifetime warranty (wood and cord).

Wood: White Quebec pine (air-dried for 3 years)
Cord: Pre-stretched
Finish: Various colours, varnished with diamond quality varnish for durability
Accessories (extra): bag containing straps, for easy transport and offering the option of playing the instrument while standing.

Warranty: Lifetime (wood and cord)

Djembes, No 2


An excellent accompaniment instrument, its principal strength is the depth of its bass notes. It is smaller, light and easy to carry.

Dimensions: 22" in height x 11.5" in diameter

Djembes, No 3


For a more varied resonance, Number 3 Djembés from Bourema is suitable for the novice as well as the experienced percussionist. The deep bass sound and sustaining attack on the sides make this drum the ideal instrument for one's personal amusement or for playing at concerts or performances (solo or group)

Dimensions: 25" in height x 13.5 in diameter

Djembes, No 4


The largest member of the family of percussion instruments made by Bourema, the strength of its bass vibration is deeper than Number 3. It is known for its intensity when touched and the quality of its sound output. Rarer and more sought after, the Number 4 dominates by its sound, but not its size and weight.

Dimensions: 25" in height x 13.5" in diameter

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Percussions made here and guaranteed for life*

We are very proud of the fact that we make 100% Canadian djembes. Each drum is unique. They are made by hand, one at a time thereby becoming a work of art and can be decorated to your taste. We only use goatskins which offer an incomparably exceptional sound and of the highest quality.

The wood used in the manufacture of our djembés is certified FSC as our goal is to contribute to the betterment of our world for future generations.


Love, respect, creativity and dreams are our sources of inspiration and hope. Allow our drums to inspire you and share your love of the instrument with us!

We would appreciate greatly your comments and questions!

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